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Charge Up Your Day With UpTeamus Tea

Eximius is known for our wonderful line of coffees, but did you know we’re also known for our teas? Yes, we have a line of tea blends, Upteamus tea, and they can provide the familiar caffeine boost so many of us crave in the morning or afternoon as well as any cup of coffee. (Tea leaves are said to have more caffeine than coffee beans. However, when tea is brewed, its caffeine content is diluted and you end up with around half the caffeine content than coffee, depending on the blend.)

Recognizing that people have varied tastes when it comes to their daily caffeine intake, UpTeamus tea is the perfect alternative for non-coffee drinkers. And, as with our coffees, UpTeamus tea goes through a rigorous process to ensure its quality from sourcing to testing and quality control to the warm cup or cold brew you’re getting ready to sip.

Here is how each high-quality UpTeamus tea blend comes to life.

The Quality Standards That Set UpTeamus Tea Apart
Each blend of our UpTeamus tea starts with research. Our expert team of tea connoisseurs are committed to ensuring that all Eximius tea blends meet the stringent quality standards that have helped build our reputation in the coffee industry.

These high standards extend to our tea farms, where a designated team monitors the plants to certify that the teas are growing in the proper environment and optimum growing conditions.

The high-quality tea is then sent to an off-campus lab for meticulous testing. The teas are checked for any traces of heavy metals, dangerous bacteria and other chemicals that can be harmful to consumers. With the growing concern about the presence of pesticides in food, this strict quality check is essential in guaranteeing that no contaminated products end up on the shelf, or worse, your drink.

After passing the rigorous testing, Eximius tea is finally ready for processing. It is handled and prepared using the latest machinery.

A Warm Cup (or Cold Brew) of UpTeamus Tea for Any Occasion
Just as the Eximius team takes great pains in making sure that the quality of our coffee meets high standards, we also don’t compromise on the taste of our teas. The UpTeamus line of teas are of the highest quality and taste great because you deserve the best. With four sweet, tangy, fruity flavors available—peach, mango, black currant and tropical fruit—UpTeamius tea is a relaxing and refreshing way to drink your caffeine each day.

You can get a 24/4 oz. or 32/4 oz. open brew variety and enjoy your hot tea. Or, savor your iced tea, which are available in 96/1 oz. and 32/3 oz. filter pouches.

Check out the various Eximius tea blends—such as our Upteamus Connoiseur Blend and the different Aldecoa tea blends like Earl Grey and green tea—on our website and pick what feels right for you. Whether that’s for drinking solo, for small family gatherings or to add to your restaurant drink offerings, there’s no better tea than Eximius tea. Grab yours today!

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