The Perfect Pair: Adding Egg Whites to your Coffee!

Lots of coffee drinkers out there are very specific when it comes to their coffee. They need it brewed a certain way, at a precise temperature, and with the perfect amounts of add-ins like cream, sugar, foam or flavors. Over the past few years, people have been adding more out of the box enhancers into their coffee – like egg whites. Yep, there are people out there that enjoy their daily cup of joe by adding egg whites into it. It may seem odd, but there are many benefits of adding egg whites to your coffee. Keep reading if you would like to understand why anyone would do such a thing and why you should try it too!

Why Put Egg Whites in Your Coffee?

The main reason people put egg whites in their coffee is to get a quick and easy source of protein. Egg whites are naturally tasteless so the only taste you will get is from your delicious cup of coffee. If mixed well, the texture itself is just like adding in some milk or cream.

How To Add Egg Whites Into Your Coffee

Before we tell you what to do, here’s what not to do. If you pour the egg whites into your mug and then put it under a Keurig or pour your hot coffee over it, you will end up with instantly cooked, chunky eggs and coffee. The right way to do this is by first pouring your cup of coffee into your mug, add whatever other ingredients you usually would, and then add the egg whites from 1 or 2 eggs in as your last ingredient. Mix the coffee and the egg whites thoroughly to create an amazing, protein-packed coffee.

Try It!

Simply adding egg whites to your coffee is a quick and easy way to get protein into your morning. There are other ways to make coffee using egg whites and we recommend giving this simple recipe a try first. If you find that this recipe is not the one for you, keep trying new combinations. Visit our site at Eximius Coffee to discover other ways that you can spice up your coffee!

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