Jazz up your coffee with cinnamon

3 Tips to Jazz Up Your Morning Coffee

When it comes to having your cup of coffee, there are endless ways you can have it or customize it. Some people like hot coffee, other people like iced coffee, some even prefer it frozen, like a frappuccino. Whether you are looking to spice up your coffee or just curious about ways you can make it more interesting, below you will find three tips on how you can change it up. 

Butter & Coconut Oil

A lot of you reading this might be thinking “why would I put either of those ingredients into my coffee?” To start things off, this unlikely pair is actually really popular among the paleo dieters and health conscious. By adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil into your cup of hot coffee, you are essentially making your coffee healthier. The grass-fed butter and coconut oil will help your body boost energy and increase metabolism, resulting in fat loss. Butter also provides omega-3 and omega-6 vitamins that both boost brain functionality.


Adding cinnamon to your coffee is actually really common among individuals across the globe. Not only does cinnamon add a kick of flavor to your coffee, but it is also known to decrease blood sugar levels in individuals. Oh, and the best part, you can add it to any type of coffee, whether you like it hot, iced, or frozen. 

Maple Syrup

If you find yourself with a sweet tooth, then perhaps you can mix some maple syrup into a nice cup of coffee. By adding maple syrup into your coffee, you will be adding a smooth natural sweetness that isn’t too overpowering. 

Enjoy Your Coffee

As mentioned before, there are virtually limitless ways in which you can customize your coffee. There is no right or wrong way. The main thing you want to remember is that your coffee is supposed to bring you joy, so add whatever your heart desires and you are bound to create the best coffee that you will be able to tell all your friends and family about. Enjoy!

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