Most Popular Ways to Drink Espresso

Coffee is one of the staple beverages in the world. You would want coffee after you wake up, when you feel stressed, or simply you want to smell the coffee aroma. Whenever you see or hear the word coffee, there is an immediate reaction. It is either you smile, you eagerly look for it, or you despise it. But who hates the enticing aroma of coffee?

One coffee type that dominates is espresso coffee. Espresso is what you call the highly concentrated, bittersweet coffee that originated in Italy. Its taste varies widely depending on where and how the coffee is grown and processed. Some other factors to consider are texture, grind quality, and aroma. No matter where it originates, each coffee can produce an espresso, as making one is following a standard procedure.

Different types of espresso drinks are available in the market. These coffee products may differ in color, and other additional flavors but are all espresso-based coffee products. Baristas are trying to create the perfect espresso, but there are many variables you need to consider when you are making one. A single shot of espresso can create a new beverage that is flavorful and unique in taste.

Here are 11 different ways on how to drink your espresso:

  1. Espresso

Espresso is the basic way to drink an espresso. To create an espresso coffee, a machine is needed as pressure needs to be applied to extract 25-30 ml of coffee with a pour time of 15 to 30 seconds. Use at least 7 grams of ground coffee in a single portafilter. It is enough to create a single shot of espresso that can be a base of different coffee products.

  1. Doppio or Double Espresso

Doppio or double espresso is a strong coffee consisting of double doses of espresso. It is made with at least 14 grams of coffee grounds to extract 60 ml of coffee. It is often served in a preheated demitasse or ceramic cup and often referred to as a standard double.

  1. Espresso Macchiato

Macchiato means spotted or stained. Espresso macchiato means stained coffee. It has a base of either single or double-shot espresso topped with milk foam. The coffee has three color layers.

  • The bottom is a dark layer to represent the espresso coffee.
  • The middle layer is a mixture of espresso and milk or a dollop of steamed milk.
  • The top layer is made of steamed milk foam. The foam helps to soften the bitter taste of espresso.
  1. Cappuccino

Cappuccino is a popular coffee drink because you can create art with this type of coffee. This coffee is made with espresso as its base, hot milk, and steamed milk foam. Cappuccino is made in a cup and chocolate sprinkler on top, sometimes cinnamon powder. This coffee is made by layering single shot espresso at the bottom, and steamed milk is added. Steamed milk foam is added on top, and chocolate powder is sprinkled on top to finish. Some would add art to the foam and create fantastic art to the coffee.

  1. Dry Cappuccino

Dry Cappuccino is prepared the same way as the Cappuccino, but the only difference is the steamed milk ratio to foam. This type of coffee has more foam than milk.

  1. Café Latte or Latte

The preparation for Latte is almost similar to the Cappuccino. It has a 1:3 or 1:5 espresso to steamed milk ratio, and foam is added on top. A single shot of espresso is the base, and roughly 150 ml of milk is poured on top. A 1 cm thick micro-foam is added on top of the steamed milk.

  1. Gibraltar or Cortado

Similar to café latte and Cappuccino, Gibraltar is made of espresso and foamed milk. The coffee is made of ½ espresso to ½ of foamed milk. This coffee is ideal for an afternoon drink if you want a strong coffee with milk to soften the espresso.

  1. Americano

Americano is similar to a regular cup of coffee and is made by adding hot water to a single or double espresso. It’s a simple coffee recipe, but if you want a lighter taste of espresso, this coffee is for you.

  1. Café Mocha

Café mocha is made of ⅓ espresso, ⅙ cocoa, ⅓ milk, and ⅙ foam. In creating café mocha, cocoa is layered first at the bottom of the cup, and espresso is added. On top of the espresso, milk is added and topped with milk foam. Other baristas use whipped cream as topping in place of the milk foam.

  1. Flat White

Flat white is made of ⅓ espresso, ⅔ milk with a super thin layer of foam from the steamed milk. Preparation is pretty basic, Espresso is the base, and milk is added.

  1. Iced Coffee

If the weather is hot, but you still want coffee, iced coffee is for you. A 16-ounce cup of ice, hot drip coffee poured over it, and a double espresso to top it all.

Preparing coffee doesn’t end in just pouring out all ingredients in a cup. It also takes a lot of skills to be able to make a tasty coffee. Baristas trained for months, and their experience in creating the perfect coffee is unmatched. Preparing coffee is both an art and a passion.

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