used coffee ground after pour over

5 Ways You Can Use Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee should be one of the world’s greatest wonders, considering how loved it is across the globe. Coffee drives people, and without it, the world wouldn’t be the same. In fact, coffee is so coveted that in bigger cities, you can’t even go around the corner without seeing some sort of coffee shop. But there is more to coffee than just using it to get that extra kick you need to get through the day. Coffee grounds have a variety of uses once you’ve used them for your cup o’ Joe.

For The Pet Parents:

Your pets aren’t just pets, they are part of your family. That means you should take care of them like family! Coffee grounds repel fleas and can even treat a pet’s flea infestation. The next time you are giving your fur-child a bath, dump the harsh chemicals that come with flea shampoos, and instead, grab some of your used coffee grounds and gently scrub the grounds through your pet’s fur after shampooing. Rinse it out and allow your pet to dry as usual. 

Get Rid of that Smelly Smell

No one has ever walked into a coffee shop and claimed it smelled bad. The reason your local coffee shop always smells like heaven is that coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which when combined with carbon, eliminates any foul-smelling gasses that may be lingering in the air. In simpler terms, coffee grounds absorb and eliminate odors. 

To get rid of any odors in your fridge or freezer, you can fill a bowl with your used coffee grounds and just let it sit in there and do its job. And if you would like to use coffee grounds to take away any other odors (gym bags, shoes, your car, or bedrooms), then simply fill up any extra socks or pantyhose you may have laying around, and simply place them wherever you would like to eliminate any odors.

Stop Eating Tough Meat

All meats contain muscle fibers and proteins that can give it a tough texture. That’s why a lot of people tenderize the meat they are going to cook before they throw it on the skillet. Your used coffee grounds contain natural acids and enzymes that will ultimately break down any fibers or proteins that are resulting in tougher meat. Also, the nature of the coffee grounds will add some extra flavor to whatever you are cooking!

In order to do this, go ahead and add used coffee grounds to your favorite dry-rub recipe and make sure to apply it to the meat at least two hours before cooking, so it may have time to break down those tough fibers.  


For The Plant Parents

As any plant parent knows, soil is one of the most important aspects of having a fresh garden. Many soils don’t have the key ingredients to keep your plants nourished and full of life. Coffee grounds, on the other hand, contain several key minerals that are important for keeping your garden flourishing. In fact, coffee grounds contain nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium! Coffee grounds also attract worms, which can be great for your garden?

Grab your used coffee grounds, and sprinkle them around your plants. That’s all there is to it!

Get Rid Of Scratches on Your Wood Furniture

Anyone that has ever owned wooden furniture knows that it can be scratched pretty easily. While there are a few products that you can get from the local home improvement store, you might want to give your coffee grounds a chance first. Coffee grounds have been known to minimize the appearance of scratches on wooden surfaces. 

To do this, simply mix some of your used coffee grounds into a bit of water in order to get a thick consistency. Rub the paste into any scratched surface with a cotton swab and allow to sit between 5-10 minutes. Then simply wipe it off and see the amazing results!

Is there anything coffee grounds can’t do? 

At this point, you are probably thinking that coffee can do just about anything, and to be honest, you are probably right. So the next time you drink some coffee and feel on top of the world, don’t forget to see how you can use those used up coffee grounds.

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