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Eximius Coffee Takes Initiative for Sustainability

As a trusted name in the coffee industry, Eximius Coffee is taking steps to become a friend of the environment. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and focused on sustainability in different areas of our business. 

Here are the various programs Eximius is leading in an effort to do so.

Natural Decaffeination

At the core of our coffee business, Eximius offers a great option for customers who are also thinking about the good of the environment. Our CO2 decaffeination method uses ultra-pure water and supercritical carbon dioxide to remove caffeine in an innovative all-natural process.

Green Energy

Eximius is an EPA Green Power Partner. This is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to reduce electricity consumption through the use of green power. The program currently has more than 1,700 partner organizations using billions of kilowatt-hours of green power yearly. 

As an EPA Green Power Partner, Eximius procures one-third of our energy requirements from alternative sources, primarily wind generation. In addition, the company also uses energy-saving fluorescent bulbs in our facility to further reduce our energy consumption.

Recycling Programs

Speaking of alternative energy, Eximius is also mindful of the amount of coffee waste we create and have found a way to put it to good use, instead of sending it to a landfill. Coffee bean waste became an alternative energy source for the company and is used to run the boilers. As a result, Eximius relies less on natural gas.

Eximius continues this environmentally friendly approach to our coffee packaging options. The company opts for reusable materials like cans and jars to distribute, store and package its instant coffee and various coffee roasted or ground blends. Packaging films and cardboard boxes are also recycled. Even the water used in the natural decaffeination process is reused to clean the external surfaces of equipment. 

Eximius Coffee is focused on improving its recycling program and has plans to implement additional ways to recycle in the near future.

Innovative Packaging

The company understands that it’s not enough to recycle packaging materials. There is a need—and an opportunity—to package our coffee products more sustainably.

Working with suppliers, Eximius has undertaken a comprehensive study of our entire packaging system—from sourcing raw materials to shipping—to identify areas of improvement from an environmental standpoint. This step has helped the company to eliminate toxic materials, design products that can be recycled and use recyclable material or material that can be composted in our packaging.

Eximius is also working with suppliers to come up with a sustainable approach to the use of packaging in the coffee industry. Currently, we are cooperating with suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging that is used in shipping our products. 

Spreading Awareness

Taking environment-friendly steps is crucial, but it is equally important to spread awareness in the industry and among customers to help build new partnerships and come up with better solutions. 

We know that more can be done. If you have any ideas on social responsibility and partnering with the community, talk to us about it.

Here are the various programs Eximius is leading in an effort to do so.

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