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Behind the Cup of Eximius Coffee

Coffee is more than just a drink. People today drink the brew not just for its distinct taste or its effects. Modern coffee drinkers seek out a cup of coffee more for the experience, taking into account the kind of beans and where they’re grown, as well as how they’re roasted and brewed and more.

And, there are few people in the world who truly appreciate the experience of having a cup of coffee more than Eximius Coffee. The people behind the company understand the needs of a discerning customer, and they have tailored their services to suit the requirements of each of their patrons.

Extensive Coffee Experience Spanning Three Generations
Eximius Coffee can trace back its roots to Spain, where founder Carlos De Aldecoa Fernandez started a small coffee roaster in Madrid in the 1920s. He moved to South America a decade later when he answered the call of the fertile coffee lands of Veracruz, Mexico, in the 1930s. Later, his son Carlos De Aldecoa Pereda moved the business again to Houston, Texas, where the family business is now flourishing with the help of a seasoned staff.

Customized Coffee Experience
Years of experience shaped Eximius Coffee’s extensive understanding of what it takes to brew a great cup of coffee. The family and staff know that every coffee drinker is different, and they take great pains to ensure that having a cup of Eximius coffee is a customized and personal experience for each one of their customers.

The experience in coffee making that spans three generations has also helped Eximius Coffee gain the respect and love of the coffee-drinking community. They have been able to achieve this by offering a superior-quality product without compromising the family feel of the company.

Eximius Coffee Offerings
Being expert in the coffee industry, Eximius Coffee is confident to develop customized blends for its customers. These coffee blends, and flavored coffee and teas are produced using top-of-the-line facilities and can be bought in bulk.

In addition to a diverse range of roasting services, Eximius also offers two different decaffeination processes that are both innovative and in line with their motto of giving their customers who have culinary appreciation exactly what they want. The UVVW (MC) decaffeination process is the most popular among Eximius customers. This method removes all the caffeine, but retains the distinct flavor of the coffee. The CO2 decaffeination process, on the other hand, is for patrons who prefer to take the natural route. This method uses supercritical carbon dioxide and ultra-pure water in an innovative all-natural process.

Eximius Coffee also provides distribution, storage and packaging services. Packaging ranges from cans, jars and stand up bags, all of which can be customized or delivered as a private label solution. Jars are good for instant coffee, while cans are best for regular, decaff, roasted or ground coffee.

Just tell the company what you need—The third-generation of family members and their knowledgeable staff are all eager to help meet the growing needs of the American coffee industry.

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