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Tips to Make High Quality Coffee at Home

Have you ever thought about how baristas make your coffee? Yes, they had training that’s why they can brew your coffee to perfection and even make cute designs on your lattes. But what would it take you to make a high quality coffee even at home?

It’s no secret that a lot of people like to start their day with a cup of coffee, whether hot or cold. Gone are the days when you take an instant coffee and pour water over it. We are now loving the idea of brewing our coffee every time we have it. Not to mention that buying coffee all the time can be expensive too.

Here are some tips you can apply at home to make a high quality coffee like how your favorite baristas do it.

  1. You Should Know Your Coffee Bean

If you want to make your own coffee, make it from scratch but choose the right coffee bean. Choosing the right coffee is the beginning of every good coffee. You should be aware of the acidity, strength and flavor which are dependent in the growing area where the coffee beans are from. 

  1.  Use Fresh and Whole Coffee Beans

If you already know the type of coffee beans to use, make sure that you use fresh and whole coffee beans. A fresh coffee bean has the presence of aromatic compounds that can be found in fresh, roasted coffee beans.  Grindin your roasted coffee before brewing will ensure that you get the most flavorful cup out of your coffee beans.

  1. Invest on a Scale

A proper scale is what you need if you want to make that coffee shop style coffee at home. Using spoons to measure your coffee is okay, but it is not as accurate as using a scale. A scale will let you measure by weight and not by volume. It will help to make sure that no matter what kind of coffee you are using, you will know how much is going into your cup.

  1. Use the Correct Amount of Coffee

A coffee tastes better if you know how much coffee you are using and adding more will not make it better. Adding more or making less of the exact amount of coffee will give a different taste. Your coffee and water have proper ratio that you need to follow if you want your coffee to taste good and delicious.

  1. Use the Right Grinder

There are lots of different things you need to invest in when you are making your coffee. A coffee grinder is one of the most important tools in coffee brewing that you should not miss. The particle size of your ground coffee determines how quickly the flavors will be extracted from the beans. You need to have uniformly sized ground coffee when brewing. This is to ensure that your coffee beans will be brewed uniformly.

  1. Grind What You Need

When making coffee, we are often tempted to grind more than what we need to consume. Again, when coffee beans are exposed, they tend to lose more of their flavors. It will lose more of the aroma if you grind them earlier than you intend to use them. A freshly ground coffee is better than already ground coffee.

  1. Store your Coffee in Ceramic Canisters

The vessel where you keep your coffee beans will have an effect on the taste of your coffee. Store your coffee in ceramic canisters. Ceramic canisters can shield sunlight and it is better to use canisters that are dark-colored as it can keep your coffee fresher.

  1. Use Filtered Water

Your water can also affect the taste of your coffee. When brewing your coffee, use filtered water, your coffee will taste different than with unfiltered water.

  1. Pre- Heat / Pre-Wet

In brewing coffee, there are different types of doing it. There are different tools you need to use and sometimes you need to preheat or pre wet your tools for you to get that perfect coffee. It may sound tedious, but that’s how perfect coffee is made.

  1. Choose Your Brewing Method

There are different types of brewing methods and if you find what suits your taste best, practice it and perfect it. There will always be big brewing machines, but making your coffee from the basic brewing technique is also a good start.

  1. Add Spice to Your Coffee

Coffee is everything when it comes to coffee. If you like your coffee black and without other additives, you can do so. If you are experimental, you can add other flavors such as milk, sweeteners, spices and other flavors. Experiment and find what’s the coffee flavor you love the most.

  1. Steam Your Milk

Adding milk directly to freshly brewed coffee is like adding more water to your coffee. There is a different depth if you have your milk steamed first before adding it to your coffee. It is not only for aesthetic reasons, but steamed milk tastes better than cold milk.

You don’t have to be a professional barista to be able to make great coffee. You don’t even have to spend so much just to have high quality coffee. Knowing your coffee, the proper way to prepare it and learning the different ways of brewing will help you to prepare your perfect coffee every time.

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