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Why Buying Sustainable Coffee Is Important

Sustainability is a big word that has become a buzzword for years now. It reflects the need to maintain a human-ecosystem balance. We take from the planet and give back to the earth. A “do no harm” approach would benefit many trades, including agriculture and the coffee industry. The very reason why it is best to choose sustainable coffee.

What is sustainability?

The word has become a buzzword for the past years,  but only a few know what it means. Sustainability is the ability to indefinitely maintain a source and make it constantly exist at a certain level. There is no more exploitation in the environmental, economic, and social fields but rather a harmonious exchange between humans and nature.

Sustainable development means that we are not compromising the future by meeting the needs of today.

To attain sustainability, we must be responsible for using our resources to ensure that the future can still live comfortably.

Why choose sustainable coffee?

The economic sustainability of the industry is related to the social sustainability of communities.

The coffee market is highly volatile. The producers and their families are vulnerable. Having unstable coffee prices can cause a direct impact on access to education, housing, food, healthcare, and other necessities. Geographical isolation also contributes to the high cost of coffee because of tools and the process of harvesting and transporting the harvested coffee.

Choosing sustainable coffee is helping the planet and helping the future to live a comfortable life. 

Coffee production becomes more sustainable if farmers and producers incorporate practices that will help yield better crops, water use, and the use of pheromone boxes to ward off insects. Sustainable coffee does not use pesticides. Fertilizer comes from the coffee bean waste or using coffee hulls as fuel. The government also favors farmers because they can get financial assistance from the department of agriculture. The products of sustainable coffee are healthier, safer, and better-tasting coffee.

Sustainable coffee is the best solution to help coffee farmers and producers to gain more profit without harming the environment. Buying their products supports their advocacy to help the environment and also help future generations.

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