Aldecoa Nespresso Capsules Decaff 10 ct


Aldecoa Nespresso Coffee Capsules, Decaffeinated, 10 Count (Pack of 4) Each pack contains 10 decaffeinated coffee capsules with 5g of coffee in each capsule. Compatible with Nespresso machines.
Premium family coffee since 1926.

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The history of the ALDECOA family & coffee traces its roots in Ronda, Spain in 1926. Four generations of our family’s traditions, passion and commitment to crafting the finest and freshest coffee is embedded in every cup of ALDECOA coffee. The ALDECOA decaffeinated coffee is made using a 100% sparkling water process. It’s completely natural and chemical free, giving our coffee a rich, satisfying flavor and aroma, with no lingering residue from chemical solvents.

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