a table with Upteamus iced tea

Cool Off With Iced Tea

One of the things you will hear a lot of people talk about in texas during the summer is how amazing a cup of iced tea sounds on a hot sunny day. In fact, iced tea is practically a religion in many hot southern places. To be fair, what is not to like about iced tea? It’s refreshing, you don’t have to add anything to it to make it taste better (although you can), and it is a fairly simple drink to make at home. If you are an iced tea fanatic or are thinking about getting into drinking iced tea, continue reading to hear about some of the benefits that tea can offer. 

What types of iced tea are available?

There are a few different types of tea that are offered throughout the world. So what are the differences between the different types of tea? Do they even taste the same?

White Tea: White teas are the least processed out of the 4 types of teas. It gets its name from the white hairs that are on the young leaves of the tea plant they are plucked from. The quick process of drying the leaves out creates a fragrant and delicate tea.

Green Tea: Green teas are popular in areas like Japan. There are two ways that green tea leaves are processed, either by steaming or pan roasting. While pan-roasted green tea is smooth and fragrant, steamed green tea retains a grassy sort of taste. 

Oolong Tea: Oolong teas are semi-oxidized and the leaves are plucked once they have matured. The different forms of oxidation that oolong tea is put through will determine how strong or fruity the tea will naturally taste.

Black Tea: Black tea is probably the most common tea in the United States. The intense oxidation black tea goes through is what makes it so dark. Flavors can range from slightly sweet to super bitter, sometimes even spicy.

Does Iced Tea Offer Health Benefits?

The answer to this is simple, yes. Of course, if you’re adding loads of sugars or other preservatives into it then it definitely takes away the whole health aspect of it, but drinking it with some ice on its own can offer plenty of health benefits for you. 

Some health benefits that tea offers are:

  • Great for keeping you hydrated
  • Has been known to boost antioxidants
  • Has also been known to make your teeth healthier
  • Black tea can fight cancer!
  • Great at destressing 
  • Reduce heart-related issues

Drinking iced tea is loved for many reasons. It tastes amazing, it’s healthy (without all the added sugar), and it’s simply refreshing. Thankfully, at Eximius Coffee, we carry an amazing tea, Upteamus Teas that you will want to try. This black tea is perfect for your next barbeque or gathering. Tested by a 3rd party lab for heavy metals and chemicals, Upteamus is a high quality, pure tea, free of pesticides. At Eximius, we provide the highest quality tea at a bulk price. If interested, you can check it out by clicking here!